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Our Course

The BSc(Hons) Computing & Games Development course is a BCS accredited 3 year degree programme (with an optional work placement year) at Plymouth University.

Create your own apps, indie releases and serious games and build your profile as a software developer. This course will challenge you to innovate in the games sector while honing your software development skills and working for real clients on live projects. Work individually and as part of a team, prove your capabilities with tech demos and releases. Our course is built on a core of computer science topics, supported by industry veterans and our own in-house Interactive Systems Studio.

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Cycle of culture

Our Culture

Our culture is a crucial cornerstone to the programme here at Plymouth. A degree course is more than a piece of paper and a set of skills, it is an experience and a journey that we want you to be a part of.

This is how we do it:

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The Studio

We deliver the expertise and skills graduates need in a rapidly evolving industry through our dedicated in-house development studio which conducts research into interactive systems including virtual and augmented reality, indie, casual and serious games. This research feeds directly into our core modules delivered by the studio team.

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The Society

The Games Dev Society is run by students for students. Here members get a chance to share new techniques and strategies for developing games whilst also having the opportunity to test out their ideas and prototypes with like minded people. The studio and local developers contribute talks and demonstrations helping society members get the most out of their endeavours.

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For all this to function smoothly we have dedicated infrastructure for the development of both cross platform, mobile and 3D virtual reality applications in our specialist lab. We provide the latest programming and creative tools, 3D engines and mobile platforms to give everyone involved in the course the opportunity to develop core skills that are needed in a rapidly evolving industry.

Final year solo and team projects


The BETA enterprise programme encourages budding business innovators to develop ideas in partnership with academics and alumni.

CGD Winners 2017:
  • Corrie Barton, Jake Holland, Sam Perriton Branch BETA Challenge Award (start up Feisty Crab Studios)
  • Dan Livings, Jamie Cox, Matthew James BETA Challenge Award (start up Total Distraction)

Formation Zone has announced the winners of the 2016/17 Business Challenge. This year, as well as the overall prize, we had winners in three categories – Creative, Digital and Technology, and Health – with each winner taking home prizes from Formation Zone and our sponsors Santander Universities.

CGD Winners 2017:
  • Nicholas Wade Winner, 'Creative Category' for start up Nikomus Games.

Hosted by the Vocational Training Council (VTC) of Hong Kong, the International STEM Students' Forum serves as a platform for STEM students and teachers in Higher education in various countries.

CGD Winners 2017:
  • Elliot Blackburn 'Outstanding Individual Project' (Easy Front End services for Web Developers: Scaffold
  • Dan Livings, Matthew James, Jamie Cox 'Outstanding Team Project' (Megaton: Total Destruction)
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Interactive Systems Studio

The Computing & Games Development course is backed up by an in-house research & development team who contribute their expertise and knowledge to the modules taught across all stages of the programme.

Studio expertise ranges from 2D and 3D art through to games design, 3D engine programming, workflows and production processes. When the team are not in the lab teaching they work on research projects in augmented and virtual reality, demonstrating a core principle: "we practice what we preach".

Visit the Studio Website
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Products & Prototypes

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Games Development Society

A society for students run by students. This is a place where you can come and pitch your ideas, bounce them off like minded individuals, get feedback, play and discuss games, applications and techniques as well as chill out and unwind.

The society organises talks and demonstrations by local industry veterans and the Interactive Systems Studio team.

Topics range from 3D modelling to paper prototyping, version control to GPU shaders, pre-production conceptualisation to post release marketing. There is something for everyone and gives members a chance to dabble with other parts of the creative process that they may not have had to opportunity to do before.

The society works alongside the Interactive Systems Studio to organise regular game jam events and hackathons (eg: Global Game Jam, Ludum Dare).

Specialist Labs

To undertake a highly technical and demanding course we need to make sure you have the right infrastructure to support you in creating amazing projects.

The Computing & Games Development course has dedicated cross platform development labs boasting high end Apple iMac computers that are running both Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

We have a wide range of industry standard software and game engines installed as well as production software typically used by indie developers. This mix of high end and low end software allows our students to develop to the limits of their ideas and not the technologies.

On top of that we have access to a dedicated Nvidia 3D development suite comprising of 1080ti PCs with a similar range of programming and games design software installed.

Our students use industry standard version control and online project management tools maximising their employability and motivating best practices.

Software & SDKs

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Hong Kong IVE Applicants

Super Red Education & Training Center (our trusted agents) can offer further advice and support when applying to the BSc(Hons) Computing & Games Development course.

Contact Super Red: [email protected]

Information for Hong Kong Applicants